It’s now election time. You can take your chance to ask your candidates questions related to children, housing and human rights.

Here are some possible questions below.

If elected, how will your government address:
1) birthovictions, the forced eviction of women upon giving birth in age-restricted condo buildings, cooperatives and mobile home parks?
2) lack of required disclosure about age-restricted building status by real estate agents?
3) the shortage of family housing in urban centres?
4) the lack of any provincial database counting age-restricted units?
5) the unprecedented 15-year exemption of family status protections, a Charter right, in Alberta? Isn’t exempting Charter rights stepping on dangerous ground?


Contact information for several political parties, and their candidates, in Alberta’s 2019 provincial election can be found at:

Alberta Party

Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta

Green Party of Alberta

Alberta Independence Party

Alberta Liberal Party

Alberta New Democratic Party

United Conservative Party of Alberta


Illustration at top courtesy Pixabay.

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