Do you support the mission of the Child Friendly Housing Coalition to end discrimination against children and their caregivers in housing? If so, it’s important to let your MLA know.

If you’re not sure who your MLA is, follow this link to find out. There are a few ways you can effectively let your MLA know your position:

Write a Letter

We’ve prepared an MLA Letter Template in Microsoft Word format to help you out; please feel welcome to download it, modify it, and send it to your elected representative.

Make a Phone Call

Your call to your MLA is logged. Pick up the phone and let your elected official know what you think about discriminatory housing practices in Alberta.

Request a Meeting

You can request to meet with your elected official in their constituency office anytime. Let them know face-to-face how you feel about discriminatory housing practices in Alberta.

Send a Postcard

We’ve prepared a postcard that you, your family members and your community can send directly to Premier Rachel Notley. Download the CFHCA Postcard here.