4 Ideas for Helping Your Children Enjoy Video Games

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, if you have children over the age of six, it’s important to encourage good screen time habits and to teach your kids the importance of using TV and video games in a healthy manner. Below are four ideas for helping your kids safely enjoy their favourite video games. … Continue reading 4 Ideas for Helping Your Children Enjoy Video Games

A Tale of Two Provinces

Alberta's Bill 23, the Alberta Human Rights Amendment Act of 2017, was introduced with a stated purpose to enhance protections of children in housing and bring children’s rights in alignment with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We compared Alberta and Ontario’s relevant legislation regarding housing rights for children, in order to see whether … Continue reading A Tale of Two Provinces

Questions for your candidates

It’s now election time. You can take your chance to ask your candidates questions related to children, housing and human rights. Here are some possible questions below. If elected, how will your government address: 1) birthovictions, the forced eviction of women upon giving birth in age-restricted condo buildings, cooperatives and mobile home parks? 2) lack … Continue reading Questions for your candidates