I’m an Edmontonian and a condo owner, currently serving as president of my condo board. My wife and I also own a second condo and I’ve been president of that board as well. Over the years we’ve had to deal with several problem units and noise complaints. None of the problems have ever involved children.

The families in both condo complexes bring life and energy to the community. Young people volunteer at block parties and contribute to our community garden. Many of the seniors who also live in our community greatly enjoy being part of a complete community that includes children and families.

A dear friend of mine is a teacher who’s shortly due to have her first child. On top of the usual stress of preparing for a baby and finishing out the semester teaching at a central Edmonton school, she’s now also forced to find a new home that will accept children.

Is this really the sort of community we want to build for our children and young families–communities where they’re not welcome?


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