In 2010, I moved back to Edmonton with my son, who was two at the time. I was a single mother and was very lucky to find a place to live in the City Market Apartments. It was an “adults-only” building, but the landlords let children live there as they had a child themselves. I know it was controversial among some tenants as to whether there should be kids in the building, but for the most part I felt welcomed, and safe.

However, there did come a time where I felt the need to get out of downtown and move across the river where I could be closer to trees and in a quieter environment. I inquired with at least half a dozen places in the University/Whyte Ave area, and it was quite clear kids were not welcome. I was kind of shocked and felt discriminated against. I even had one land lady in Mill Creek decide for me that a one-bedroom basement suite would not be suitable for us. It made me ask the questions: What if that was all I could afford? What if I was willing to sacrifice space to live in the location that was a good fit for me and my family?

I am glad the Child-Friendly Housing Coalition of Alberta is bringing a voice to this issue! I just read the CBC article spotlighting Alberta as the only province allowing age discrimination! Wow! This must change if we want to be the progressive city we think we are!

Allison Landin and her partner now live in a historic brownstone in Garneau: “Our landlords are awesome and I love living here with my partner and the boys. There are beach volleyball courts and a park across the street, cafes, theaters, and restaurants – all in walking distance. This is the area I wanted to live years ago and had no luck.”

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