My husband, my five-month-old baby and I came to Edmonton on August 25 th, 2015. We are originally from Spain. We were living in a business style furnished condo for a year. We didn’t feel it a good space option for the baby, so we decided to move out. In July 2016 we started our ideal apartment hunt. Since we were used to living in a condo when we were in Spain, our first intention was to look for one around Oliver area.

I saw thousands of advertisements on internet, so it seemed like it would be easy to find a good one. I got a little bit disappointed when, in my first call, we were refused when I mentioned that we had a baby. My disillusion was growing as long as my search was deeper. I started to realize that 80 per cent of the buildings in downtown Edmonton weren’t family friendly (a concept that I had never thought about before).

And one of the worst things was the fact that they don’t even mention this on their website, you find it out after an inquiry (maybe it’s kind of embarrassing for these people). And actually it must be embarrassing!!

I have never before seen such a nonsense situation. It makes me feel like I did something wrong when I decided to form a family. Aren’t we the same as the rest of our neighbors? Why do they have more options than my family and I have to live in?

Sometimes I feel like here in Edmonton to be a family is not cool and fashionable. The best apartments with fitness rooms, underground secure parking and the best views are just for business people, as well as the fancy restaurants where just the idea to have a high chair scares them.

Finally we ended up in a comfortable place, with a lot of other babies and pets, which probably aren’t accepted in other apartments either.

Aitana Ruiz Reig is a teacher at Grandin Elementary School. She lives with her family in Edmonton’s Oliver neighbourhood.

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